Who are we?

Floritec is an innovative Chrysanthemum breeder based in The Netherlands.
We develop products worldwide through ‘Breeding by Design’ which means that we develop varieties customized for specific needs and international growing conditions as to be found in Latin America, Asia and in The Netherlands. Floritec likes to produce and market new varieties that are quick and easy to grow and accompanied by lower costs for energy and pesticides.
For the grower this brings a crop with significant savings on production costs, which results simultaneously in a more sustainable product that meets customer trends and international market development.
Floritec is a fast growing company that is active worldwide in approximately 30 countries where we cooperate closely with customers and partners throughout the chain. Floritec is shareholder of Xclusive Chrysanthemum Ltd in Uganda, our production company for cuttings where we grow our mother plants in 100% renewable substrate 

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Contact us


Juan Carlos Naranjo

Representative Colombia
M: +573156293131

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