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ICON-Selections S.A.S. is an independent Chrysanthemum breeder in Colombia, South America and established in 2014. ICON-Selections also tests, selects, promotes and sells Roses, Alstroemeria, Asters, Solidago varieties from Dutch breeders in the natural circumstances under which our customers grow flowers in South-America.
The supply of cut Chrysanthemums varieties has become a melting pot of an enormous amount of choices, a chaos of tastes and requirements. Through our worldwide breeding -and selection programs in Colombia and Holland, we are capable to offer you technically iconic varieties that are tested under equatorial and western circumstances.
Flower wholesalers and designers in USA and EU have presented the consumer demands to us. We always aim to offer a broad pallet of textures, colors, shapes and sizes in our assortment so that all the wishes of a true flower connoisseur will be met. Iconic and fascinating….

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Through our worldwide hybridization and selection program in Colombia and the Netherlands, we are able to offer you iconic varieties that have been evaluated under equatorial and western conditions. We always seek to offer a wide range of textures, colors, shapes and sizes in our assortment to satisfy the needs of the true experts.


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Juan FelipeGil
Administration Commercial
Tel: +57304 595 1407

Main Office

Mark VanOijen-Breeder
Tel: +57318 338 3489

Luis Felipe Jaramillo-Technical support
Tel: +57 314662 1977

Jan Haaksman-Commercial
Tel: +31 (0)6 462 33 818

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