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We love to grow ®Since 1950,Selecta one, has been breeding, producing and marketing vegetative propagated cut flower and ornamental plants. Quality and sustainability are our key concepts for innovations in the productand marketing sector, whilst responsibility and reliability are the basic principles for our dealings with customers, members of staff and the environment. Being sustainable while creating new varieties is responsible breeding; Selecta one genetics, products and programs are 100% oriented into making a difference throughout the whole chain with consolidated and stable assortments! Our+17 research & trial stations around the world and making use of the most beneficial climate for the different operations, allow us to select successful genetic upgrades for all relevant markets and their growing conditions,as suringits presencein the market for a responsible period of time.
Our commercial objective is to create a green product world, to win over and inspire florist, the tradea nd the end consume.

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Our more than 17 research and development stations around the world with diverse climatic conditions allow us to select varieties with successful genetic improvements for all markets and their growing conditions, ensuring their presence in the market for a responsible period of time. Our commercial goal is to create a world of sustainable products, to work hand in hand and inspire florists, wholesalers and the final consumer.


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Selecta One
We love to grow
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