Chrysanthemum week

The “Chrysanthemum Week” or Semana del Crisantemo in spanish, like most of the important and good things that happen in the world, was born from a dream. We wanted Colombia to be well known as the world´s Chrysanthemum Center, highlighting the amazing conditions that our country has to produce excellent quality all year around.

We are aiming to include all the players within this industry, from the breeders , producers, traders, suppliers, the academia, universities, research and development centers to the final customers and buyers, whether they are local or international. And we have one clear goal: making the Chrysanthemum Week the annual gathering for the Chrysanthemum Value Chain industry.

The idea started to be shared and discussed among friends and year after year our purpose began to grow. Many years ago, each breeder organized its own show and exhibition using their own week to do so. It was in the year 2015 that Deliflor and Dümmen Orange by coincidence did their show within the same week. The result was such a success that they continued doing their trade show and open house together in week 35 each year. Then, other breeders in the industry such as Danziger in 2016, Icon and Dekker in 2018, Royal VanZanten and Floritec in 2019 and finally in 2020 Progeny Breeding and Selecta One joined in the i and we could achieve the participation of almost all the Chrysanthemum breeders in colombia.

We seek to include those involved in the chain: hybridisers, producers, marketers, suppliers, universities, research centres and the end customer. In short, all of us who participate in this industry in some way, both national and foreign, where each one contributes the best with a clear objective towards the future of making the event become the annual meeting point of the chrysanthemum production chain.

Get to know the best of our land's flowers


And this is how in the year 2019 the idea came to life as the “Chrysanthemum Week” and companies such as PMA, Asocolflores and Procolombia also joined in giving the event a more significant status. The event was created to make it easier for international buyers, growers and crops throughout the american continent to enjoy within one week the beauty of watching the breeders and their best varieties of Chrysanthemum blossom . Results have been very positive and are greatly promising.

This event made it easier for the crops of the Oriente Antioqueño and the Sabana de Bogotá to enjoy the best of each variety in the same week. Also, this week was more attractive for foreign buyers and visitors to visit us which helps in the innovation of the portfolio and the promotion of the product. In 2019 what we know today as "Chrysanthemum Week" was crystallized, with the participation of casitodos the hybridizers and to which LDC, Asocolflores and Procolombia joined, enriching it significantly. The results have been very positive and increasingly promising.

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